Cracovie : partenaire du lycée – Krakow

Récit en langue anglaise du séjour des étudiants de MANAA (Mise à niveau en arts appliqués) et des étudiants de première année de BTS Design d’espace à Cracovie en décembre dernier : rencontres, découvertes de la ville et de son architecture, et worshops avec les étudiants polonais!

Le lycée recevra à son tour très bientôt les étudiants Polonais à Strasbourg.

“KRAKOW… Our partnering city”

For the first time this year a MANAA class and students from the 1st year of BTS space design have had the opportunity to travel to Poland. One short week to breathe, to discover, to meet, from December 1st to December 7th.After one night in Dresden to cut this long journey as well as visit the German city, we headed towards Krakow, our final destination, and liceum V im Augusta Witkowskiego, a major high school located right next to the city centre. There, the host families were awaiting for their French correspondents whom they had already chatted with on the web.

And there it was… 4 days left to visit the city and its architecture. Museums, tours, free time, which probably was the best time, art workshops… everything had been organized so as to make this trip an unforgettable moment as well as an instructive one. We deeply thank our Polish partners for taking so much care of us!

But who could speak about it better than the students themselves…Please click on the links to open their Power Point presentation or log on their blog or watch the video of their interviews, or else read through the article published in our school newspaper… any way to communicate their joy and enthusiasm.

In the end of March the Polish students will pay our visit back. Now it’s up to us to organize their trip so that they go back to Krakow with their memories filled with good moments and outstanding sightseeing.


Madame Cécile Couasnon, professeur d’anglais et responsable du projet. Diaporama réalisé par Marie Sontag, Emma Roesslinger, Caroline Jaecki et Jane Henrion.