Gap Game – 2015

20 teams insitu
3 universities designing
3 cities playing
Joining the game:
• China and the Institute of Technology, Art and Design of Suzhou
• France and the InSitu LAB of Design Department Le Corbusier High School of Strasbourg
• Poland and the Interior Design University of the Academy of Fine Arts of Cracow

Gap Game aims at confronting methods, points of views and cultures.

While wandering about a district, while roaming the city, students will take notes of their journey and draw a map out of it. They will notice hollow places, spaces, empty places… These might be 5 sqcm, other 50 sqm wide. The students will choose of these « gaps », or maybe a series of gaps which look alike, and they will imagine a play area. It could be a play area for children, or for adults, a playground, in relationship with its surroundings, insitu interaction. Let’s create, let’s install and let’s play! 

the program


Day 1, on the site
“The way I take notes allows me to fantasize spaces ”.
Maps are drawn during the day
Drawings identify gaps

Day 2, at school
“Energy=Yes! Quality=No!” T. Hirschhorn
Sketches and ideas of games appear.

Day 3, at school and on site
“Everything can be transformed into a game. And all games can stop being one” R. Caillois
Make, assemble, with the required materials taking into account the connexion to be established both with the player and the « gap ». 

Day 4, at school and on site
“Test it, make it, improve it, destroy it, make another one…”
Experimenting and completion.

Day 5, on the site
Exhibition on site.