Gap Game 2016

24 teams insitu
3 universities designing
3 cities playing
Joining the game:
• China and the Institute of Technology, Art and Design of Suzhou
• France and the InSitu LAB of Design Department Le Corbusier High School of Strasbourg
• Poland and the Interior Design University of the Academy of Fine Arts of Cracow

Gap Game aims at confronting methods, points of views and cultures.

While wandering about a district, while roaming the city, students will take notes of their journey and draw a map out of it. They will notice hollow places, spaces, empty places… These might be 5 sqcm, other 50 sqm wide. The students will choose of these « gaps », or maybe a series of gaps which look alike, and they will imagine a play area. It could be a play area for children or adults, a playground, in relationship with its surroundings, insitu interaction. Let’s create, let’s install and let’s play!