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Abstract Anglais

When I was a child, I was curious. I liked to discuss and understand about what was all around. I have practiced theater since I was 8 years old. Thanks to that, it helped me a lot to speak up. However, even if I always give my opinion about a subject, I always feel I’m not legitimate.

Within the scope of my project, I focus on debating, discussing about current affairs with children.

Current affairs are “political news about events happening now”. Adults discuss current affairs all the time and everywhere, whether through informal discussion or through the media (press, television, the Internet …). Children are able to understand the news, and I am sure they have a lot to say. A child must be legitimate to be able to talk about a subject. They have the capacity to understand. There are many media created for children such as Le Petit Quotidien or Arte Junior Le mag. 

Speaking up at school is less important than writing and reading. The teacher team doesn’t have the time to promote that skill in their class. For one thing, they don’t even have time to talk about all the subjects included in the program. Celestin Freinet or Fernand Oury are education specialists and teachers and they worked on the child’s place in primary school. They created tools such as “conseil pédagogique” that enables children to expose their ideas and discuss with others. The conseil is an informal way of discussing, organizing events in the classroom.  The teacher lets the children be the leaders of the “conseil”. These tools encourage children to speak up in the school environment.

Current affairs are taught in class. However, it’s difficult for the teacher to discuss current affairs in class because they don’t have time. I created icebreaker tools to meet my public (childrens) and to show the Creating icebreaker these tools that confirmed my idea that children understand a lot.

Through my project research, I’m convinced of the importance to put forward children’s voice and give them the legitimacy to express themselves on current issues. As a designer, I think it’s important to collaborate with the teacher. The teacher gives the pedagogical skills and the designer technological skills. 

As a designer, I would like to create news related activities through radio. The radio will be used with the class. It is a tool that allows the child to communicate on various subjects. With the class, I want to create a radio that will enable children to tell stories, to talk about current events in the school, in the region, in France, in the world.