What is S.A.M.?

The Lowdown

This story begins some time ago, in a galaxy not too far from your favorite TV series and the corner shop and it happened to take on full momentum once the idea hatched and the inventor opened his mouth to the crowd. Eh? Welcome to the story. We’ve called it S.A.M. and this is our process.

The Project

Make a drawing machine. That’s it folks. There’s the idea in a nutshell and that’s where the brain ache begins. S.A.M. will be a machine that draws. What will it draw? We haven’t figured that minor detail out yet. Hence this website that will serve to document our process and share in our moments of joy as our tribulations.

The Parameters

Too numerous to list here, so let’s keep this to the strict essentials. We have Victor, design student extraordinaire and Mark the power supply and musical operator. Without delving into the details of how that collaboration functions, we share an idea that we are developing into a concept through a process fueled in part by an infinite field of explorations and an infinite supply of coffee, cigarettes and tea sessions.

[ 16.05.2014 ]